Master Plan Details


Master plan is a vision document prepared by projecting the future population of the town for next 20 years. It is a tool for integrated development through spatial economic and infrastructure planning. They are also instruments for achieving overall planned development in a scientific manner for the healthy living of the people.

Procedure for preparation of Master Plan:

  • It is the responsibility of local body to prepare publish and submit the GTP scheme for sanction of Govt within 4 years from the date of its constitution
  • Preparation of GTP scheme has to be undertaken by Municipal Council in consultation with the Director of Town and Country Planning
  • Council has to resolve for the preparation of GTP Scheme for the town
  • Draft GTP Scheme shall be submitted to Govt along with C.R through Director for formal approval
  • Government accord formal approval to the GTP scheme with or without modifications and return it to Council through Director of Town and Country Planning
  • Draft GTP scheme has to be published in Form.1 fro the information of General public
  • Draft GTP scheme has to be published in Form No. 1 giving 60 days time for objections and suggestions of the public
  • Objections and suggestions are then to be complied and are to be submitted to Director of Town and Country Planning for technical advice
  • Technical Advice given by Director of Town and Country Planning shall be placed before Council for consideration and resolution
  • GTP scheme as adopted and passed by Municipal Council shall be submitted for final sanction to Government
  • Govt will finally sanction the scheme with or without modifications
  • The GTP scheme will be published in official gazette and there onwards the local authority has to enforce it under the technical guidance of Director of Town and Country Planning
  • If required the land use of the GTP scheme can be varied by the Government on resolution by Council.

Master Plan of Karimnagar Town

  • Karimnagar town was constituted as Municipality in 1952 and declared as Corporation in 2005.
  • The extent of the town is 23.50 Sq Kms with the present population of Karimnagar town is 2,61,185 as per 2011 Census
  • The first Master plan was prepared in 1976 and revised in 1998 which is presently in vogue.
  • The process of revising the Master Plan is initiated by procuring the satellite imagery of Quick Bird with a 0.61 M resolution from NRSC.
  • At present the preparation of Base map is under process, taken up under APMDP, being prepared by CEED consultant (Centre for Environmental Education Development) 30% of the work has been completed so far, will completed within six months. After completion of updated base map the revised Master Plan will be processed and completed within one year