Directory of Staff (Officers and Employees)

Sl. No Name of the Employee Designation Nature of Work Mobile No.
1 2 3 4
1 K Shashanka, I.A.S. Commissioner 9849905876
1 M. Venkatesham Additional Commissioner Additional Commissioner 9849907538
1 J Srikanth Reddy Jr.Asst. CC to Commissioner 9618574224
2 M. Komuraiah Attender Commissioner Chamber
3 A. Dasharath Kumar PHW Commissioner Chamber 9963029062
1 G. Shyam Sunder Computer Operator CC to Mayor 8125425495
2 Somidi Shankaraiah Watchman Attender at Mayor Chamber
3 Sd. Rakeebuddin PHW Attender at Dy. Mayor Chamber 7330974869
1 Ejju@K. Srinivas Senior Assistant C1 section :
2 B. Vaiplavi Office Sub Ordinate
(I/c. Establishment C2)
C2 section :
3 D. Santhosh Establishment
(Computer Operator)
(Computer Operator)
4 S. Krishnahari Assistance to C1 & C2 & to work in Peshi of Hon’ble Mayor Out sourcing Assistance to C1 & C2 & to work in Peshi of Hon’ble Mayor 9390956224
5 Ramchandram Assistance to C1 & C2
6 Akula Srinivas Gang Coolie Attender at Establishment section 9966208838
7 Donikena Sunil Kumar Senior Assistant (Deputed) Deputed to RDMA, Warangal
1 Khadar Mohiuddin Superintendent (U/s)
(I/C. Revenue Officer-I)
2 V. Ramulu Superintendent
(I/C. Revenue Officer-II)
Revenue Ward No.2/1,2/2,3,3/1,5,8,8/1,10/1 9849908222
3 K. Sathyanarayana Upper Division Revenue Inspector Revenue Ward No.2,2/1,2/2,6,6/1,10 & 10/1 9849907516
4 Md. Kaleemullah Khan Upper Division Revenue Inspector Revenue Ward No.1,3/1,4,8/1,8/2 9849908221
5 Ch. Anjaneyulu Upper Division Revenue Inspector Revenue Ward No.3,5,8,7,9,9/1 9949996418
6 Mohammed Rasheed Senior Assistant
(I/c. UDRI)
6 Khadeer Mohiuddin Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.8 9652625552
7 P. Shiva Rama Krishna Chain Man (I/C B.C) Revenue Ward No.9, 9/1 9652635553
8 R Bal Reddy Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.8/2 9652835553
9 Sadathi Chandrashekhar Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.8/1 8978581205
10 K. Shankar Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.3/1 9618785558
11 M Loka Bhandava Reddy Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.2/1 & 2/2 9573635553
12 B Shashi Kumar Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.4 9502635553
13 M Loka Bhandava Reddy Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.2/2 9573625552
14 S Srikanth Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.3 9573845554
15 Muddasani Praneeth Bill Collector Revenue Ward No.10/1 9502825552
16 Sunchu. Narsaiah Record Assistant
(I/C B.C)
Revenue Ward No.5 9573645554
17 K. Mallesham Non PH Worker
(I/C B.C)
Revenue Ward No.2 9573605550
18 P. Shiva Rama Krishna Chain Man (I/C B.C) Revenue Ward No.6 9573615551
19 Md. Khaleel Attender (I/C B.C) Revenue Ward No.6/1 9573915551
20 Davu Anjaiah Attender (I/C B.C) Revenue Ward No.1 9573985558
21 Gulam Mustaffa Attender (I/C B.C) Revenue Ward No.10/1 9502685558
22 P. Raju Attender (I/C B.C) Revenue Ward No.7 8978581203
23 Azeemuddin Attender (I/C B.C)
24 Jalli Mallaiah PH Worker A1 section :
Mutations, Shop Rents, Auction of Markets & Slaughter house, Court Cases and all Govt. Offices Property tax, correspondence concerned of Revenue Wards H.No.2-10-1 to 2-10-ending, 4-1-1 to 4-6-ending, 5-1-1 to 5-7-ending, 8-1-1 to 8-4-ending, 3-5-1 to 3-7-ending
25 Md. Pentusha Junior Assistant A2 Section :
Mutations, Ownership & Valuation Certificates, Court cases relating to Revenue wards H.No.6-1-1 to 6-6-ending,  7-1-1 to 7-4- ending, 9-1-1 to 9-9- ending & 10-1-1 to 10-6-ending (A2 section)
26 J. Ravi Kumar Junior Assistant A3 section :
Mutations, court cases etc. of Rev. Wards H.No.2-1-1 to 2-9-ending to 3-1-1 to 3-4-ending & 8-5-1 to 8-7-ending
27 SK. Rauf Computer Operator Revenue Section Operator 9010999553
28 Md. Rasheed Ahmed Attender Attender at R.O Chamber
1 G. Pavan Kumar Accounts Officer B1 Section :
Over all supervision
2 Ch. Raj Kumar Junior Accountant B1 Section :
Maintenance of Accounts
3 Mahaboob Ali Khan Attender Assistance to Accounts section
4 V. Kiran Kumar Computer Operator Accounts Section 8121275060
5 K. Laxman Attender Attender
6 K. Ravi PHW (I/c.Attender) Attender
1 T. Babu Upper Division Revenue Inspector  B2 section :
Cashier (I/c)
2 T. Venkateshwar Rao Watchman Assist to Cashier (I/c)
1 Khaja Mohiuddin Junior Assistant Maintenance of Record Room 9849711530
2 Md. Vazeer Ali Driver Assistance to Record Room 9989474881
1 A. Rani Junior Assistant Pension Section 9059412937
2 A. Prakash Rao Computer Operator Pension Section 8985276668
1 Hemji Jadhav Executive Engineer Over all supervision 9849906693
2 S. Shankar Dy. Executive Engineer Div.No.31 to 36 & 40-42, Vehicle maintenance (including fuel), Env. Engg, Div.No.16-20 9849906697
3 R. Yadagiri Dy. Executive Engineer Div.1-6, 24-30, SC & ST sub plan, D.B. Section (Div.No.26-50) & (1-25) Office maintenance, Div.No.47-50 9849906695
4 B. Satyanarayana Dy. Executive Engineer Div.No.10-15, MPLADS, ACDP, Electrical Street Lights maintenance, Fairs & Festivals, Swachh Bharat Toilets (Div.1-25), UGD Maintenance 9849906694
5 Syed. Asif Assistant Engineer Div.No.31 to 36 & 40-42, Vehicle maintenance (including fuel), Env. Engg
6 E. Chaitanya M.Assistant Engineer Div.No.16-20 7995013529
7 M. Devender Reddy M.Assistant Engineer Div.No.1-6, Div.No.24-30, SC, ST sub plan 7995013528
8 S. Khyathi Priya Darshini M.Assistant Engineer D.B. Section (Div.No.26 to 50) 7995013531
9 K. Sai Nikhitha, Technical Officer
(Against MAE Post)
D.B Section (Div.No.1-25), office maintenance 7995013530
10 G. Nikhitha M.Assistant Engineer Div.No.47 to 50 7995013527
11 P. Vani M.Assistant Engineer Div.No.10-15, MPLADS, ACDP
12 P. Venkata Kumar M.Assistant Engineer Electrical Street Lights maintenance
13 B. Muninder Assistant Engineer Fairs & Festivals, Swachch Bharat Toilets (Div.No.1 to 25), UGD maintenance 9553437892
14 V. Mohan Kumar Executive Engineer Over all supervision 7032989958
15 S. Shankar Dy. Executive Engineer Water Supply High Level, Smart City / Amrut 9849906697
16 N. Mahender Dy. Executive Engineer Water Supply Low Level, Div.No.21-23 & Div.No.37-39 9849906691
17 A. Laxminarayana Dy. Executive Engineer Div.No.7-9, Div.No.43-46, Harithaharam, Water Supply Filter Beds, Swachch Bharat Toilets (Div.26-50) 9908523096
18 Syed. Asif Assistant Engineer Water Supply High Level, Smart City / Amrut 9849906694
19 M. Devender Reddy Municipal Asst.Engineer Water Supply Low Level, Div.No.21-23 & Div.No.37-39 8978581206
20 B. Mohan Reddy Asst.Engineer Div.No.21-23 & Div.No.37-39 7032989959
21 R. Sambamurthy Municipal Asst.Engineer Div.No.7-9, Div.No.43-46, Harithaharam, Water Supply Filter Beds, Swachch Bharat Toilets (Div.26-50) 9849907540
22 Mohsin Bin Awad Superintendent E1Section :
Div.No.1 to 25 & Contract Registration
23 B. Thirupathi Senior Assistant (U/s) E2 section :
Div.No.26 to 50, Pipelines (Water supply), Electrical, Leackage Labour Wages & Additionally Water Section incharge
24 N. Gattu Swamy Work Inspector D.B. Section 9849907547
25 Syed Abdul Gaffar Work Inspector D.B. Section 9849907537
26 Hameed Computer Operator D.B. Section Operator 8099976487
27 M. Peddulu Attender Superintending Engineer chamber
1 Sunchu Rakesh Kumar Office Sub Ordinate Collection of Water Tax
2 Bathini Kanakaiah Pump Driver Collection of Water Tax
3 N. Pavan Kumar Oil Man Assistance to Collection of Water Tax
4 B. Anuradha Bill Collector Assistance & Posting of Collection of Water Tax etc
5 G. Kavitha Office Sub Ordinate do
6 J. Latha Clerk on Out sourcing do
1 B. Raja Manohar Sanitary Supervisor Over all supervision 9849907545
2 Ejju @ K Srinivas Senior Assistant F1 Section :
PH Staff (Outsourcing salaries) & PF,ESI,
3 K. Swamy Environmental Engineer Environmental Engineer
4 K. Srilatha Computer Operator Sanitation Comp.Operator 9160116722
5 Manda Chandrashekhar PH Worker (I/c. Attender) Attender
6 B. Venkateshwar Rao PH Worker (I/c. Attender) Attender
1 A. Ravinder Assistant City Planner-I
(on deputation)
2 B. Vandhanam Assistant City Planner-II Over all supervision 9849907546
3 K. Karunkar Town Planning Supervisor Div.No.31 to 39 9908523098
4 M. Srihari Town Planning Supervisor Div.No.16 to 39 9949996416
5 M. Thirupathamma Town Planning & Building Overseer Div.No.15, 40 to 46 & 48 to 49 733114939
6 B. Sanjuna T.P & B.O 7995013523
7 N. Pavani Rao T.P & B.O 7995013525
8 N. Ashwini Gandhi T.P & B.O 7995013522
9 Ch. Radhakrishna Reddy T.P & B.O 7995013524
10 K. Sanjeev Kumar Senior Assistant G1 Section :
Ward Nos.
11 P. Kanakaraju Senior Assistant (U/s)   9849126472
12 A. Mallikarjun Computer Operator Computer Operator 9949934780
13 Vedam Advertisement collection (Out sourcing) Demand & Collection of Advertisement Tax
14 Chalam Clerk on Out sourcing Town Planning
15 Praveen Clerk on Out sourcing Assist to Town Planning Section
16 S. Padma Attender Attender at A.C.P chamber
1 G. Surender Assistant Statistical Officer Over all supervision
2 Katakam Narender Health Assistant Enquiry 9347624603
3 E. Prakash Babu Health Asst. Registration of Birth & death records 9441700644
4 B. Vijay Kumar Computer Operator Birth & Death 9652999939
1 B. Venkateshwar Rao Junior Assistant Incharge  
2 K. Rajaiah Attender Assitance to Citizen Charter
3 T. Rakesh Kumar Computer Operator Citizen Charter & Property Tax 9441641922
4 J. Padmaja Computer Operator Citizen Charter 9866519800


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